Cloud Cabinet, AccountantsWorld's document storage and sharing system, is designed specifically to provide accounting firms and clients with easy-to-use, secure archiving, document storage, and file management features and round-the-clock access to uploaded and archived files and documents.

Cloud Cabinet's password-protected interface and configurable folder-level security ensure that only authorized users can access folders and files while providing access to important documents from anywhere, at any time.

Cloud Cabinet streamlines the handling, sharing, and storage of source and finished documents. You can upload and store files of almost all types from your PC to secure individual folders, view them, share them, and download stored files to your hard drive. Seamless integration with AccountantsWorld solutions provides secure archiving of accounting, payroll, and compliance records and reports, ensuring that all accounting and payroll files are safely retained and available for reference and audit purposes, and enabling consistent, comprehensive recordkeeping.  

Navigation within Cloud Cabinet is straightforward. Tabbed screens ensure that information, features, and functionality are organized intuitively, and its easy-to-understand folder-based organization simplifies document storage and management, providing easy uploading and downloading of files. Documents are stored in a flexible folder structure that can be adapted to meet the needs of any client.

Icons indicate the type of folder:

Client folder, accessible by the individual client and staff members.

Staff-only folder.

Shared folder, accessible by all clients and staff.

When clients log in to Cloud Cabinet, they can view only the Client Folders tab, displaying only their own folders, and the Resources tab, displaying the Shared folder, and can download, and upload only their own files.

The Shared folder lets firms share information such as newsletters, tax planning tips, or firm news with all of their clients at once.

Help is available from the icon on the Global Toolbar in the top right corner of the interface.


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